Houston Replacement Window FAQ

Below are some of the most popular questions we get from our Houston Andersen replacement window clients.

Energy Efficient Low-E4 GlassQuestion: What are some of the tell-tale signs that I should replace my windows?
Answer: The most obvious sign is an escalating energy bill. Old worn out windows have many gaps and cracks that allow your inside air to escape. That means your expensive heated or cooled air is just leaking out into the atmosphere.

Another issue is radiant heat gain. Single pane window do not insulate from the outside temperatures, especially heat gain from solar energy. New windows have dual panes and frames that insulate and dramatically reduce heat gain.

The other most popular reason is safety and security. Their old windows do not operate anymore or may even be painted shut, a fire escape safety issue. Also, if they don’t securely lock, your home is not secure.

Question: Do the Andersen 100 Series offer any colors besides white?
Answer: Yes…for the exterior colors, you can choose between 5 earth tone colors ranging from white to dark bronze. Interior color is only available in white. In addition, there are 5 hardware (locks) finishes available.

Question: I see that most windows out there are Energy Star rated. Are all window ratings the same?
Answer: No. The Energy Star is a US Government standard. This is the minimum standard to follow as a guide to windows, doors and skylights. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is an independent lab that has a much more stringent rating and grading system. Windows, doors and skylights are required to have an NFRC lable affixed to them which will reveal exactly how the unit performs.

Double Hung Replacement Windows Houston

Andersen Eagle double hung Windows

Question: What makes Houston unique in the Replacement Window business?
Answer: Mostly, our climate. First of all, you know that you need to run your air conditioner more days per year than your heater. Those are called cooling days and Houston has more than 200 cooling days (days you are likely to run your a/c)! Because of this, replacement windows must have a low SHGC/SHGF (solar heat gain coefficient/factor). The Energy Star standard is .30 but, windows are available that are as low as .16 or basically twice as efficient. The numbers mean that approximately 70% of the solar heat is blocked (for .30 rated windows) to approximately 84% of solar heat gain blocked in a .16 rated window. The special combination of Low-E glass, air gap, Super Spacer and the frame material team up to create the efficiency ratings.

Question: In the Houston Heights area, our HOA an Historical Committee require wood windows plus I have some really unique shapes and openings. Which windows should I choose?
Answer: Andersen Eagle Series Windows. This series of wood clad windows offer the most choices of architectural shapes and designs as well as 50 available colors which can even be combined into multi toned themes for a great historically correct look.